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For the automotive industry, BatteryHouse Sdn Bhd offers made in U.S.A Deka Automotive Batteries, focusing mainly on continental vehicles, such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Jaguar and Masserati. Key clients of BatteryHouse Sdn Bhd are Lamborghini Malaysia, German Motors Sdn Bhd and G Garage Specialist Sdn Bhd.


- AGM Technology
- Premium maintenance-free power
- Spill-proof design
- Intimidating durability
- Heavy-duty Power-Performâ„¢ plates
- 24 Months warranty for continental vehicles

- Flooded Maintenance Free Battery
- Premium starting and reserve power
- Power-Performâ„¢ plates
- Fortified posts, straps, and welds
- Recommended for non start-stop vehicles
- 18 months warranty for continental vehicles