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Rugged constant use in commercial vehicles put batteries to the severest test. Over the years, demands made on modern batteries have increased greatly and in addition to cycle and vibration resistance, characteristics such as ease of maintenance, operational reliability and cold start performance are more important than ever.

SHD PROfessional is a top product that shows its problem solving capacity in tough situation. The battery has been equipped by Banner with unbeatable advantages that make it the ideal battery for modern distributor trucks and line buses!

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- Meets the requirements of Mercedes, Scania, Volvo and other trucks
- Maintenance Free: calcium technology ensures minimum water consumption
- SHD means extra cycle/vibration resistance in the highest E4/v3 category pursuant to EN 50342-1:2016
- Central degassing and patented four-chamber leak protection
- Captive, welded-in flame arrestors and safety screws
-short circuit protection against short circuits caused by tools

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Banner Buffalo Bull SHD PROfessional

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Box: DIN C
20hr AH: 225
Cold discharge test current EN (A): 1150
Max Length: 517mm
Max Width: 273mm
Max Height: 240mm

Banner Buffalo Bull SHD PROfessional 68008
Box: DIN B
20hr AH: 180
Cold discharge test current EN (A): 1000
Max Length: 514mm
Max Width: 223mm
Max Height: 220mm