Traction / Deep Cycle Batteries

Discover Dry Cell Traction BAtteries provide superior high integrity and reliability. The maintenance free, traction plate construction, designed to deliver excellent run time and very good cycle life in hard, high rate discharging applications with repeated deep discharging, makes the Dry Cell series the definitive choice for robust Traction applications.

Our Models


Discover Part Number: D27A-100D
Type: AGM Maintenance Free
Voltage: 12V
20hr AH: 100
Length: 308mm
Width: 172mm
Height: 232mm

Discover Part Number: GC12-155FF
Type: Flooded Deep Cycle Battery
Voltage: 12V
20hr AH: 155
Length: 331mm
Width: 183mm
Height: 279mm

Discover Part Number: EVGC6A-A
Type: AGM Maintenance Free
Voltage: 6V
20hr AH: 220
Length: 260mm
Width: 180mm
Height: 274mm


Discover Part Number: EV305A-A
Type: AGM Maintenance Free
Voltage: 6V
20hr AH: 330
Length: 295mm
Width: 180mm
Height: 362mm