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BatteryHouse offers premium high quality American made battery for continental vehicles. Up to 24 months warranty provided


For power-demanding applications performed by heavy-duty trucks, buses, and equipment, Deka Batteries deliver the broadest selection of commercial power solutions in the industry.


No matter what the application, no matter what the power demand – Deka delivers the most complete line of premium marine batteries the industry has to offer.

Power Sports

Premium quality absorbed glass mat technology (AGM) is ideal for ATVs, motorcycles, cruisers and personal watercrafts.

Deep Cycle

The Maintenance Free, thick plate construction, designed for tough applications and repeated deep discharging for robust traction applications including Aerial Lift, Floor Cleaning Machines, Robotics, Renewable Energy and Marine/RV Applications.

Lithium (LiFePO4)

Lithium batteries (LiFePO4) allow for equipment design and functionality improvements and deliver productivity gains through enhanced cycling, charge time and weight reductions in stationary and mobile applications.